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Hi! I’m Kelli Meyer, a licensed and certified speech language pathologist! My passion is providing parents, caregivers & related professionals simple & effective ideas, strategies, & resources to improve a child’s speech, language & communication skills! I strive to help YOU become the therapist, by making just a few simple changes in daily routines! My mission is to help you recognize your child’s strengths and embrace their differences, while utilizing your skill set to boost your child’s developmental skills within their natural environment. I hope I can motivate you to give it a try, to have fun doing it, and to never give up!

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I wake up every morning with my 3yr old son's speech on my mind. I've been trying to find ways to encourage and teach him while working from home. Your videos are so unbelievably necessary for parents like me right now! I can't thank you enough for doing these videos.

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